This is a collection of papers I wrote between 2001 and 2003 during my doctoral studies.  Current work has been published in Teaching Theology and Religion, Seminary Journal, and Communication Research Trends.
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Spedonics: a systemic deficit theory
This is a 41-page essay concerning the remediation of minority students based on their linguistic and cultural deficits.

A Survey of Cultural Linguistics:
The Superfluous Conformity of Ethnic Groups to the Mainstream

This is an 11-page essay concerning the literary definition of cultural semantics.

Uninhibited Sexuality: The Seduction and the Rape in Blake's Seasons
This is a 4-page essay concerning the four seasons in Blake's adolescent writings.

The Lamb and the Tyger: Binary Archetypes
This is a 9-page essay concerning the symbiotic nature of the Lamb and the Tyger.

Transcendental Generative Semantics: The Grotesque Retailoring of the World
in Carlyle’s Sartor Resartus

This is an 8-page essay concerning the use of the grotesque in Carlyle's Sartor Resartus.

Flouting Convention: Grotesque Sexuality within Jude the Obscure
This is a 9-page essay concerning the conventional and non-conventional sexual relationships within Thomas Hardy's last novel.

The Fear of Change in the 19th-Century Grotesque
This is a short 3 1/2 page essay exam, answering the assertion that the grotesque in 19th-century literature manifested a fear of change, rather than a fear of life.

A Secret Liberation: The Estranged World as a Crucial Response to this One
This is a 5-page essay exam, answering the assertion that the grotesque in 19th-century literature manifested a secret liberation, in addition to a fear of life.

The New Chronicles: The Evolution of the Foundation Myth of England
This is a multi-tiered project concerning the transcription of the Albion myth and the coming of Brutus to England.  For other manuscript sites, click here.

Home and Homelessness: The Illimitable Transcendence of this Dialectic
This is a 7-page essay
concerning the function of the dialectic existing between the binary poles of home and homelessness drawn through the society of Schiller’s The Robbers and the anti-society of Wordsworth’s The Borderers.

Place and Displacement: The Semantics of the Culturally ‘Other’
This is a 15-page essay concerning the displacement of British cultural identity during the Romantic period between 1790 and 1830.

Virtual Assessments: Maintaining the Integrity of an Online Course
This is an 11-page presentation delivered to the Learning 2000 Conference in Roanoke, Virginia, 28 September 2000.

Film Semiotics: A Metalinguistic Analysis
This is a 7-page book review delivered to Dr. James Scott's film class on October 26, 2000.

Renascent Semiotics:
The Pragmatics of the Memento Mori in The Judd Memorial

This is a 24-page essay concerning the imprese and emblems of Renaissance portraiture.
December 5, 2000

Hypertextual Semiotics: 
The "Jolly Nigger Bank" of Spike Lee’s
This is a 13-page essay concerning the discursive semiotics of the iconography of Lee's film.
December 8, 2000
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The Semiotics of Race: Yeats’s Vision for Ireland
This is a 20-page essay concerning the dichotomy between Yeats's Literary Nationalism and the Universality of The Great Wheel in A Vision
December 12, 2000

Communication Competence and the Myths of Culture and Peace
This is an 8-page essay concerning communication competence-based models of discourse
February 8, 2001

Mass Society, Propaganda and Community: The Active Generation of a Schizophrenic Culture
This is a 9-page essay concerning propaganda theory
February 9, 2001

Communitarianism: The Sweetness and Light of a Postmodern World
This is an 8-page essay defending the concept of communitarianism
March 8, 2001

Media Effects: Conceptual, Methodological and Political Causation
This is an 11-page essay concerning the effects research in mass media theory
March 9, 2001

Literature as Mythic Discourse
This is a 6-page essay concerning the function of literature
April 2, 2001

Postmodernism in Praxis: Society of the Post-Hegemon
This is a 9-page essay concerning the idea of postmodernity
April 19, 2001

"Global English:  World Tool or World Problem": The Social and Political Implications
This is an 11-page essay concerning the idea of global English.
April 3, 2003

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