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Course Calendar

This is a tentative schedule of events for the Spring 00 semester.  It may be changed or modified throughout the course of the semester depending upon the needs of the students.

Monday, January 10th— Introduction to the course and to the computers. Diagnostic essay (Journal 1): "What is the most important thing in my life and why?" 

Assignment: Read Ch. 1 Overview (3-6). Review Ch. 35—Spelling (419-430)

Wednesday, January 12th— Introduce the writing process and discuss paragraph formation in terms of conveying a particular idea to a given audience-10 minutes. Discuss the importance of spelling—5 minutes.  Collect email addresses from everyone and set up hotmail accounts for those who don’t have them. Write a paragraph in class concerning your worst experience and esubmit it—10 minutes.

Assignment: Journal 2: "Our Boys" (484) or "What is your Best Time of Day?" (488)

Friday, January 14th— Discuss and collect journal entries over Illustration. Brief tutorial concerning illustration. Write a paragraph in class on one of the ideas on page 63--5 minutes.  Come up with local interest subject areas as a group.

Assignment: Read Ch. 2 Finding your topic (8-17). Brainstorm a list of six possible themes for your first paper concerning local interest.  Read through Ch. 33--word choice.

                    Monday, January 17th—MLK HOLIDAY—NO SCHOOL

Wednesday, January 19th—Discuss paragraph concerning their worst experience—show it on the big screen. Discuss the problems within those—10-15 minute peer review. Discuss possible topics for Local Interest project and narrow list down to three. Brainstorm a handful of ideas (6) for each one and discuss those in class—25-30 minutes. Talk briefly about Word Choice in Ch. 33 to introduce the idea to them—10 minutes.

Assignment: Journal 3: "The Dare" (493) or "A Brother’s Murder" (497). Choose one of those three topics to focus on for your first paper.

Friday, January 21st—Discuss and collect journal entries over Narration. Brief tutorial concerning narration. Collect topics and associated ideas. Discuss how to write an intro paragraph.

                    Assignment: Write an intro paragraph for your subject—focus not on the
             associated ideas, but on the background information concerning that idea. 

Monday, January 24th—Discuss project ideas and assign the students to write thesis statements.

Introduce grammar review: Ch. 21—discuss focus of first exam: Fragments, Run-ons, Subject-Verb Agreement, Verb form and tense.

Assignment: Esubmit updated intro paragraph. Read Ch. 3 topic sentence (18-25) Hand out study questions for part I Preacher.

Wednesday, January 26th—Peer review intro paragraphs--10 Minutes.  Introduce body paragraph formation (semi-paragraph outline) and developing a main point for each body paragraph, and have students research their first associated idea in class and write a paragraph concerning it. E-submit it by end of class period.

Assignment: Journal 4: Chs. 1-4 Preacher (1-46).

Friday, January 28th— Discuss and collect journal over the first part of the book (30-35 minutes). Discuss pp. 256-8 concerning the basic sentence and what is a subject. Do exercises orally in class.

Assignment: Esubmit body II by Sunday evening. Read Ch. 4 Supporting your point (26-33). Read pp. 258-61 on verbs: action, linking and helping.

Monday, January 31st—Discuss supporting ideas and developmental ideas and how to further organize body paragraphs. Full body paragraph outline. (10 minutes) Peer revise body II in class. (20 minutes) Discuss the three verb types in class. (20 minutes)

Assignment: Submit revisions of body II. Read 262-3 adjectives and adverbs.

Wednesday, February 2nd—Discuss (10 minutes—adjectives and adverbs). Write and esubmit body III in class.

Assignment: Journal 5: "Eat! Eat!" (502) or "The Monster" (506) Peer revise body III at home. Read pp. 264-5 on clauses and phrases and their connectors, conjunctions.

Friday, February 4th— Discuss and collect journal entries over Description. Brief tutorial concerning description. Discuss the difference between a clause and a phrase, along with conjunction—pp. 264-5.

Assignment: Read Ch. 5 (drafting) (34-45). Write and esubmit body IV along with revisions you might have for body III.

Monday, February 7th—Discuss these three methods of organization (space, time, and order of importance) and how they might apply to student’s paragraphs. Discuss how they fit into the overall body paragraph outline. Revise body IV in class.

Assignment: Write and esubmit body V. Review Ch. 22 (267-278)—Fragments.

Wednesday, February 9th—Discuss fragments—25-30 minutes. Peer revise body V.

Assignment: Journal 6: "The Job Interview" (511) or "Beauty and the Beef" (517). Esubmit body VI. Review Ch. 23—Run-ons (279-290).

Friday, February 11th— Discuss and collect journal entries over Process Analysis—15-20 minutes. Brief tutorial concerning process analysis-10 minutes. Discuss Run-ons—20-25 minutes.

                    Assignment: Read Ch. 6 (revising) (46-58). Comprehensive peer revision
                    over the first seven
paragraphs of this paper on local interest. Bring
                    printout of your remarks or email them to me. Review Ch. 24—subject-verb
                    agreement (291-297).

Monday, February 14th—Discuss holistic revision using the students’ remarks as an example (10 minutes). Discuss conclusion format (5 minutes). Write conclusion in class and esubmit (20 minutes). Give the essay a title. Discuss subject-verb agreement—15 minutes.

Assignment: Read Ch. 15 Moving from Paragraphs to Essays (179-190). I’ll comment on the conclusions. Review Ch. 24—subject-verb agreement (298-306).

Wednesday, February 16th—Discuss Ch. 15 and the concept of a fully integrated and cohesive paper—20-25 minutes. Inform class they have till noon Saturday to submit any final revisions or hyperlinks to be evaluated in their papers. Discuss subject-verb agreement—15 minutes.

Assignment: Journal 7: "The Plot against People" (521) or "The Ways we Lie" (525) Review Ch. 25—verb problems: regular verbs (307-13).

Friday, February 18th— Discuss and collect journal entries over Classification. Brief tutorial concerning classification. Discuss problems with regular verbs—15 minutes.

                    Assignment: Submit final revisions for evaluation by noon Saturday.
                    Read Ch. 17 (revising)
(200-209). Hand out Study Questions for
                    part II Preacher. Review Ch. 25—verb problems:
irregular verbs (313-323) Study    
    for Grammar Test # 1 by working through the remaining relevant online tutorials.

Monday, February 21stPresident's Day

Wednesday, February 23rd— Discuss Ch. 16 and comments I’ve made on the papers. One week to revise based on the comments I’ve made on each paper—20 minutes. Revisions mandatory, but you may earn up to a full letter grade higher than your original draft. Discuss irregular verb problems—15 minutes. 

Grammar Test—20-25 minutes.

Assignment: Journal 8: Preacher, Chs. 5-9 (47-99). Settle on a topic.

Friday, February 25th— Discuss and collect journal entries over the second part of the book. Collect topics.Discuss the concept of National Issues and come up with a handful of possible issue areas in class and settle on one. Have students brainstorm a selection of topics within that national focus and think about which they’d like to pursue for their next paper—25-30 minutes.

                    Assignment: Read Ch. 18 (Informative Essays) (213-234) Esubmit six
                    associated ideas.

Monday, February 28th—Discuss the essence of an informative essay—10 minutes. Research and write intro to National Issues paper in class. Esubmit. (30 minutes) Introduction to diagramming--#1 in class.

                    Assignment: Review Ch. 26—pronouns (327-333)

Wednesday, March 1st— Esubmit Diagram # 2—5-10 minutes. Discuss pronouns in class—10-15 minutes. Write and esubmit Body I in class.

Assignment: Journal 9: "Spanglish" (531) or "What is Intelligence, Anyway?" (535) Review Ch. 26—pronouns (333-40)

Friday, March 3rd— Discuss and collect journal entries over definition. Brief tutorial concerning definition—compare with exposition. Discuss the right type of pronouns.

Assignment: Esubmit Body II. Review Ch. 27—adjectives and adverbs (341-349)

Monday, March 6th—Diagram # 3 (5-10 minutes). Discuss adjectives and adverbs—10-15 minutes. Write and esubmit Body III in class.

Assignment: Review Ch. 28—misplaced and dangling modifiers (350-5).

Wednesday, March 8th—Diagram # 4 (5-10 minutes) Discuss Ch.28—10-15 minutes. Peer revise the first three body paragraphs in class.

Assignment: Esubmit the remainder of your body paragraphs by noon Saturday, March 18th. Review Ch. 29-357-365.

                    Friday, March 10th—SPRING HOLIDAY

                    Monday, March 13th—SPRING BREAK

                    Wednesday, March 15th—SPRING BREAK

                    Friday, March 17th—SPRING BREAK

Monday, March 20th— Diagram # 5. Discuss Coordination—10-15 minutes. Write and esubmit conclusion in class.

Assignment: Holistically peer revise one student’s essay. Bring remarks with you to class Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 22nd—Diagram # 6. Discuss subordination—10-15 minutes. Collect remarks and discuss them with the students. You have till noon Saturday to submit revisions and other hyperlinks for evaluation. Discuss Global Interests areas and come up with a theme in class.

Assignment: Journal 10: "Americanization is Tough on Macho" (538) or "Two Extremes Miss Target over Guns" (542) Review Ch. 30—parallelism (366-72).

Friday, March 24th— Discuss parallelism—10 minutes. Discuss and collect journal entries over comparison/contrast. Brief tutorial concerning comparison/contrast-- 30 minutes.  Have students decide on a specific topic for their 3rd online essay.

                    Assignment: National Issues Essay due noon Saturday. Read Ch. 19
                    (argument essays) (235-240). Handout study questions for Part III Preacher.

Monday, March 27th—Discuss evaluations of National Issues Essay. Mandatory rewrites due by Sunday midnight. Write and esubmit intro of global interests paper in class. Diagram # 7.

Assignment: Read Ch. 31—Sentence Variety.

Wednesday, March 29th—Diagram # 8. Discuss sentence variety—10-15 minutes. Write and esubmit body I in class.

Assignment: Journal 11: Preacher, Chs. 10-15 (100-148)

                    Friday, March 31st— Discuss and collect journal over Preacher.
                    Discuss Ch. 34—commonly confused words.

Assignment: Esubmit mandatory rewrites of National Interests paper.

Monday, April 3rd—Diagram # 9. Review for Grammar Test # 2—10 minutes. Write and esubmit body II in class.

Assignment: Study for Grammar Test # 2.

Wednesday, April 5th— Diagram # 10. Test—20-25 minutes.

Assignment: Journal 12: "Why Marriages Fail" (546) or "The Education of Berenice Belizaire" (551).

Friday, April 7th— Discuss and collect journal entries over cause and effect. Brief tutorial concerning cause/effect. Introduce Punctuation.

                    Assignment: Write and esubmit body III. Review Ch. 36—commas (433-438)

                    Monday, April 10th—Diagram # 11. Discuss commas.

Assignment: Write and esubmit body IV. Review Ch. 36—commas (438-443)

Wednesday, April 12th—Diagram # 12. Discuss commas. Do Practice 7 orally.

Assignment: Journal 13: "Let Gays marry" (556) or "Leave Marriage Alone" (559) Review Ch. 37—apostrophes (446-53). Write and esubmit body V.

Friday, April 14th— Discuss and collect journal entries over argumentation—use all those skills already discussed concerning it. Discuss apostrophes.

                    Assignment: Write and esubmit body VI by Sunday midnight.
                    Review Ch. 38—quotation marks

                    Monday, April 17th—Diagram # 13. Discuss quotation marks. In-class peer
                    revision of first seven paragraphs.

Assignment: Submit revisions of first seven. Review Ch. 39—other punctuation—462-67.

                    Wednesday, April 19th—Diagram # 14. Discuss other punctuation. Write and
                    esubmit conclusion in class.

Assignment: Hand out study questions for Part IV Preacher. Final revisions and added hyperlinks to 3rd graded essay due by noon Saturday.

                    Friday, April 21st—EASTER HOLIDAY

Monday, April 24th—Diagram # 15. Discuss my comments on your third online essay. Mandatory rewrites due by Sunday midnight.

                    Assignment: Review Ch. 40—Capitalization. 468-74.

                    Wednesday, April 26th—Diagram # 16. Discuss capitalization. Review for Test # 3.

Assignment: Journal 14: Preacher, Chs. 16-21 (149-99)

                    Friday, April 28th—Discuss final journal over Preacher and possible topics for
                    exploration concerning the report.

Assignment: Study for Grammar Test # 3. Mandatory rewrites of global interests paper due Sunday midnight. Start on 3-4 page book report.

Monday, May 1st— Diagram # 17. Punctuation Test (20-25 minutes). Discuss progress on book reports—I’ll spot-review drafts in class on Wednesday if the students have them ready.

                    Assignment: Study for Diagramming Test.

Wednesday, May 3rd— Diagramming Test—Entire class period.

                    Assignment: Submit Preacher Book Report by Friday.

Friday, May 5th—LAST CLASS DAY—Collect book reports. Write last journal (#15) in class.


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