Examination Two: 
Developmental Writing

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Part I: Gerund and Participial Phrases--Distinguish between the two by placing the name of one in the blank provided. (10%)

1. Visiting New York can be a nightmare or a thrill.

2. Riding the subways, tourists see another side of New York.

3. Coming from the country, he thought the prices were outrageous and the noise and traffic unbearable.

4. Growing any kind of crop is a time-consuming procedure.

5. Helped constantly, crops will tend to do well.

Part II: Pick the sentence (A, B, C) that is most clear in meaning. (12%)

a) A man pounds the bar and walks into a pub for a beer named Max.
b) A man walks into a pub named Max and for a beer pounds the bar.
c) A man named Max walks into a pub and pounds the bar for a beer.

a) None of us thought he would ever come after waiting for hours in the rain.
b) After we waited for hours in the rain, none of us thought he would ever come.
c) For hours in the rain, none of us thought he would ever come.

a) As weeks passed, dirt accumulated on the kitchen floor that no one mopped.
b) Dirt accumulated as weeks passed on the kitchen floor that no one mopped.
c) On the kitchen floor that no one mopped, dirt accumulated as weeks passed.

a) While studying all afternoon, the hunger caused her to grow tired.
b) Studying all afternoon, the hunger caused her to grow tired.
c) She became hungry and tired while studying all afternoon.

Part III: Decide whether each bold word is being used correctly. If not, change it. (20%)

1. We are real happy to be of service to you and your family.

2. The perfume smells sweetly .

3. I feel bad about what happened.

4. Of all the holidays, this is the most joyful.

5. This wine tastes dryly to me.

6. Donít feel too badly about what you said.

7. This girdle hugs me firmly .

8. Life in the city is exciting, but life in the country is best .

9. If you donít talk clear , the audience will not understand you.

10. The sweet smell of roses has no match.

Part IV: Rewrite each sentence to correct errors that result in misplaced or dangling modifiers, so the sentence is clear. (16%)  

1.  Many opera lovers fantasize about singing one day themselves in their showers.

2.  Hopefully, they will close their bathroom windows before they begin their arias.

3.  Opera goers appreciate operas more, who read the program notes carefully.

4. Covered with a thick layer of frosting, she knew the cake would dazzle her guests.

Part V: Rewrite each sentence to correct errors in parallelism in the form field provided. (20%)

1. Lynne's favorite things are playing piano, reading poetry, and she likes to go on bicycle rides.

2. Jake prefers to play catch with the boys rather than spending time indoors on weekends.

3. The boys admire their parents, who are honest, very supportive of them, and they are consistent.

4. The boys study a lot: after school, while dinner is cooking, and they also study in their rooms before bed.

5. On the weekends they like to play football more than reading or watch TV.

Part VI: Correct the following paragraph, making all parts of the sentences agree.  (22%)

New parents whom decide to use daycare for their child must also decide on the specific daycare setting.  Some children benefit from a surrounding that is socially stimulating, which means it contains other children and maybe there are a number of caregivers there.  Some parents of shy children say you can help the child more by exposing them to other children.  On the other hand, sometimes parents believe their individual children would benefit more from a more intimate one-on-one care situation.   This is when the caregiver cares for the only one child.  Whether the child attends a daycare center or stays home with their home caregiver, the quality of care is the issue.  Any caregiver, whether working in a center or in a home, should be warm, compassionate, and the child should be encouraged.