The focus of this course lies in learning how to apply the writing process learned in the first semester of composition to particular questions on the nature of the human experience. For that reason, there will be an intense query into the relevant literature on the subject, which will require a great deal of reading and writing in the attempt to assist the student in preparing to answer the question: Why?

As the basis of this course is on developing interpretive and analytical skills, in addition to honing research strategies, most of the assignments in this course will require the documentation of relevant criticism within the essays.

As all of the assignments will be taken from the text Literature and Ourselves, available in the college bookstore, there will be no need to rely on outside material in completing the assignments. Students are encouraged, however, to digest critical reviews outside the scope of those contained in the book if it will help them come to a more comprehensive understanding of the literature being presented.

Of the assignments taken from Literature and Ourselves, there will be six major essays, each derived from the Casebooks at the end of each unit. These will be 3-4 typed pages in length and will each count as 10% of your total course grade, comprising 60% of your total semester average. So, do a good job on them.

Another 25% of your semester grade will be derived from assignments within the units themselves, which will be collected on a regular basis.

In addition to the assignments from the text, there will be one 4-5 page academic book report DUE 10 May 1999, comprising 15% of your final grade, concerning Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead. As the book is not in stock in the college bookstore, you will have to purchase a copy from a local bookstore.

The departmental final exam, which determines whether you will be able to move out of the 102 composition class, will not count toward your semester grade, but if you fail it, you will have to repeat the course. Anyone who makes it to that exam, however, will probably pass.

Late papers will be docked a letter grade for each class meeting they are late.

Do not be absent. If you leave here not knowing advanced analytical and research techniques, you will not be very successful in future coursework that requires use of them. A student who misses class more than eight times, for any reason, excused or not, will be automatically dropped. Poor attendance will affect your overall class performance and your course grade.

If you need to contact me for any reason during the course of the semester, please feel free to call me at home (314) 752-9311, or e-mail me at SEBASTIAN@MAHFOOD.COM

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