Currently under revision to correct the book ordering error.

This is the Tentative Schedule of Activities
for Mahfood's 020 Developmental Writing Course

That means that it is subject to change depending upon how the course check it often.  Actually, this entire thing is changing.  Someone goofed up the book order.  Please be patient while I work through the changes.  It's fine through October 4.

I moved the first six weeks to the end of this file--scroll down to see them.

Friday, 24 September— Diagnostic Test for Chapter Four. Discuss and collect journal. Go over exercises in Chapter 4.

Assignment: Read Chapter Four 62-66.

Monday, 27 September—Go over exercises. Take Exercise A and D online.

Assignment: Read Chapter Four 67-71.  Do exercises.  Read Chapter 10, 183-186. Do exercises.

Wednesday, 29 September—Go over exercises for chapter 4. Do Mastery tests in class. Discuss page 183-186.  Diagram.

Assignment: Do J7—Cause and Effect. Read pages 187-191.   Do exercises.

Friday, 1 October— Discuss and collect journal. Diagnostic Test Ch. 5.

Assignment: Prepare for test over Chapter Four. Handout study questions for FFA II. Read Chapter Five—79-84. Do exercises.

Monday, 4 October—Test, Chapter Four. Go over exercises. Diagram.

Assignment: Read Chapter Five—85-88. Do exercises.

Wednesday, 6 October— Go over exercises. Diagram gerund phrases.

Assignment: Do J8 Flowers for Algernon—54-116. Read Chapter Five 81-83. Do exercises.

Friday, 8 October—Discuss and collect J8. Go over exercises. Do Mastery tests in class.

Assignment: Review for test over Chapter Five. Read Chapter 14—217-219. Do exercises.

Monday, 11 October—Test Chapter five. Discuss exercises. Diagram Infinitive Phrases. Diagnostic Test,
Chapter Six.

Assignment: Read Chapter Six—87-93. Read Chapter 14—219-222. Do exercises.

Wednesday, 13 October—Go over exercises. Diagram Appositives.

Assignment: Do J9 over "Definition and Analysis". Read Chapter Six—93-99.

Friday, 15 October— Discuss and collect Journals. Supplemental information in Chapter 22—357-362.
Go over exercises. Do Mastery Tests in class.

Assignment: Prepare for test over Chapter Six. Read Chapter 14—222-224. Do exercises.

Monday, 18 October—Test over Chapter Six. Discuss exercises. Diagram Compound sentences.
Diagnostic test over Ch. 7

Assignment: Read Chapter Seven—103-109.

Wednesday, 20 October—Go over exercises. Do mastery tests in class. Ch7 & Ch14. Diagram adverb clauses

Assignment: J10—Classification, Prepare for Chapter Seven Test.

Friday, 22 October—Test over Ch. 7. Discuss and collect "Classification." Supplemental information in Chapter 22—362-366. Diagnostic test over Ch. 8

Assignment: Read Chapter 8—115-119. Do exercises.

Monday, 25 October— Go over exercises. Introduce supplementary material. Diagram adjective clauses..

                    Assignment: Read Chapter 8—119-125. Do exercises.

Wednesday, 27 October—Go over exercises. Do mastery tests in class. Diagram noun clauses.

Assignment: J11—"Argumentation/Persuasion" Prepare for Chapter 8 test.

Friday, 29 October—Chapter 8 test. Discuss and collect journals. Diagnostic Test, Ch. 9.

Assignment: Handout study questions for FFA III. Read Chapter 9—129-133. Do exercises.

Monday, 1 November—Go over exercises.

Assignment: Read Chapter Nine—134-137. Do Exercises.

Wednesday, 3 November—Go over exercises in class. Do Mastery Tests in class.

Assignment: J12 Do Flowers for Algernon 115-154. Prepare for Chapter Nine Test.

Friday, 5 November—Chapter Nine Test. Discuss and collect J12. Diagnostic Test Chapter 10.

Assignment: Read Chapter 10—143-149. Do exercises.

                Monday, 8 November—Go over exercises.

Assignment: Read Chapter 10—149-153.

Wednesday, 10 November—Go over exercises.

                Assignment: Do J13—"A Word’s Meaning". Read Chapter 10—153-58. Do Exercises.

Friday, 12 November— Collect and discuss journal. Go over exercises. Do Mastery Tests in class.

Assignment: Handout Study questions FFA IV. Prepare for Chapter 10 test.

                Monday, 15 November—Test Chapter 10. Discuss Comma Sutra. Diagnostic Test Ch. 11.

                    Assignment: Read Chapter Eleven—161-164. Do Exercises.

                Wednesday, 17 November—Go over exercises. Continue with Comma Sutra.

                   Assignment: Do J14 Flowers for Algernon, pp. 155-216. Read Ch. 11—165-170. Do exercises.

                Friday, 19 November— Discuss last journal over Flowers for Algernon. Go over exercises. Finish CS.

Assignment: Read Ch. 11—170-178. Do exercises.

Monday, 22 November—Go over exercises in class. Do mastery tests in class. Review Flowers for Algernon.

Assignment: Prepare for test over Chapter 11.  Study for test over Flowers for Algernon

Wednesday, 24 November—THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY


Monday, 29 November—Test over Chapter 11.  Test over Flowers for Algernon.

Assignment: Read Chapter 12—183-186. Do exercises.

Wednesday, 1 December—Go over exercises.

Assignment: Read Chapter 12—186-191. Do exercises.

Friday, 3 December— go over exercises.

Assignment: Review all 12 chapters and come up with a list of three problems you’re still having.

Monday, 6 December—Discuss common problems.

Assignment: Review Chapters 15, 16, & 23—Moving from the Paragraph to the essay.

Wednesday, 8 December—Discuss common problems. Return to thesis, associated & supporting ideas.

                    Assignment: Study for Grammar Portion of final.

Friday, 10 December—Grammar Test. Due: J15 "What grade I should receive in this class and why. What was the most beneficial aspect of this course? the least beneficial aspect?"

Final Examination: Written portion.


Monday, 23 August— Introduction to course, pass out syllabus, explain how the computers work, ask each student to identify himself and state one interesting thing about his life—Explain diagnostic essay: J1 "What is the most interesting thing I have ever done and why?"

Assignment: Write paragraph on your most interesting thing.   Read Chapter One 1-6 and write about some news event you heard or read about recently.

Wednesday, 25 August—Discuss practice journal over news--and journal writing in particular. Take diagnostic test over Ch. 2--subjects and verbs.

Assignment: Read Chapter One 7-9. Clustering. Read and write a response to Journal 2.

Friday, 27 August— Discuss clustering. We'll be working with various aspects of this all semester.  Write one paragraph concerning any fear--interview a classmate.   Collect.  Divide into groups and discuss J2--15 min. Collect.

                    Assignment: Read Chapter 15—277-9.  Do practice and exercises for Monday's discussion.

                Monday, 30 August—Discuss Chapter 15 exercises. Discuss online paragraphs from Wednesday's class.  Those
                about whom the fear paragraphs were written, rewrite and resubmit the fear paragraph concerning themselves
                --expand upon the observations of the initial writer. 

                Assignment: Read Chapter Two—15-19. Do ex. 1-3. Chapter 12—215-217.  Do ex. 1-3.

Wednesday, 1 September—Introduce Chapter Two—Subjects and Verbs. Read through the book with them concerning the various aspects of subjects and verbs and have them take Ex. A online.  Go over elements in that.  The average score on the diagnostic was 30%.Discuss Ex. 1-3 (pp15-9). & 215-217.   Take Ex. B online.

Assignment: Read Chapter Two—20-23. Do the exercises. Do Journal 3.

                Friday, 3 September—Divide into small groups and discuss J3. Supplemental information in Chapter 18—277-300.
                 Collect. Go over exercises.

                    Assignment: Read Chapter Two—23-26, Finding subjects. & 27-31, Finding Verbs. Do the exercises. Handout study questions for Flowers for Algernon. Ch. 10—196-197.

                Monday, 6 September—LABOR DAY HOLIDAY—NO CLASS


Wednesday, 8 September—Go over pp. 23-27. & 196-7. Do online Exercise C and possibly D.

                    Assignment: Read Chapter Two—32-3. Do exercises #1 -3.  Do J4—Flowers for Algernon, pp. 1-53.

Friday, 10 September—Discuss and collect J4. Go over exercises starting at page 28-33.

Assignment: Study for Unit Test by Reviewing all of Chapter Two, especially those of you who are scoring less than 80% on all our in-class quizzes and practice exercises. Do mastery tests and crossword puzzle.

Monday, 13 September—Give them unit test from Test Book. Introduce diagramming sheets. Diagram the first block in class.

Assignment: Read Chapter Three—Subject/Verb Agreement—37-40.

Wednesday, 15 September—Give them diagnostic test for Chapter Three. Go over exercises. Diagram "Compound Subjects and Predicates" in class.

Assignment: Read Chapter Three—40-42. Do exercises. Do J5—"Process"

Friday, 17 September—Discuss Journals. Ch. 10—197-200. Do exer.Discuss J5. Supplemental Information in Chapter 19—301-316. Go over exercises.

Assignment: Read Chapter Three—42-49. Do exercises.

Monday, 20 September—Go over exercises and do Mastery Tests in class. Diagram Predicate Nouns and Predicate Adjectives in class.

Assignment: Review for Chapter Three Test from Testbook.

Wednesday, 22 September—Chapter Three test.  Diagram.

Assignment: Read Chapter Four—55-61. Do Exercises. Do J6—"Comparison or Contrast"

End of the Semester J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J

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