Flowers for Algernon: The Dreaded Test

Algernon and Minnie

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Objective Short Answer: 50%--Answer each of the questions in the fields provided. (2 pts. each)

  1. What is so important about Algernon?
  2. Where does Charlie work?
  3. How do his co-workers treat him?
  4. Who is Alice Kinnian?
  5. What does Charlie do to stop Gimpy from stealing?
  6. What is IQ? Give one of the definitions Burt describes.
  7. What has intelligence done to Charlie’s "friendships"?
  8. What was Norma’s chief problem with Charlie?
  9. What does Alice dislike about Charlie’s intelligence?
  10. Why is Charlie not angry with Dr. Guarino?
  11. How does Dr. Nemur treat Charlie?
  12. What is the role of Dr. Strauss in Charlie’s development?
  13. Why does Charlie leave the convention?
  14. How does Fay contribute to Charlie’s development?
  15. Why doesn’t Charlie introduce himself to his father?
  16. What effect does alcohol have on Charlie?
  17. What angers Charlie about the retarded boy at the diner?
  18. What is significant about Algernon’s deterioration?
  19. What happens when Alice meets Fay?
  20. What upsets Charlie about Nemur and Strauss?
  21. What is the Algernon-Gordon effect?
  22. What does Charlie discover in the meeting with Norma?
  23. How does the reader know that Charlie is slipping?
  24. What does Charlie do to Alice during his decline?
  25. Where does Charlie go when he can no longer care for himself?

Subjective Short Essay: 50%--Answer two of the following three questions in a short essay of 100 words each. Use the form fields provided. Each question is worth 25 points. Don't give me a shallow answer.  Go deep.

  1. Would it have been better for Charlie not to have had the operation in the first place? Support your answer with examples from the text. (100 words)

  2. If you had been the producer of the movie, what would you have done with it to make it more faithful to the book? Support your answer with examples from the text and the film. (100 words)

  3. In what way did Charlie’s emotional instability get in the way of his progress. Support your answer with examples from the text. (100 words)