Examination over Bound Feet and Western Dress
Use complete sentences to answer each question and provide specific examples to support your points.

Objective Short Answer: 50%

1) How did China lose its cultural heritage when faced with Western influence?


2) Why does Yu-i think of herself as bu san bu si (neither three nor four)?


3) How do the lessons of filial piety influence the manner in which Yu-i governs her life?


4) Why is woman in China considered 'nothing'?


5) What are the reasons that Hsu Chih-mo gives for his divorce from Yu-i?


6) Why does Yu-i decide to remain in Europe after the separation and divorce from Hsu Chih-mo?


7) Why does Yu-i decide not to have the abortion in spite of her husband's wishes?


8) What characterizes Lu Xiaoman's relationship with her in-laws?  Why is this remarkable?


9) Why does Yu-i continue supporting Lu Xiaoman even after Lao Ye's death?


10) What characterizes Natasha's identity crisis?


Subject Essay: 50% Answer two of the following three questions in essay format.

1) What is Hsu Chih-mo's relationship to the West?  How does he reconcile this relationship with his Chinese heritage?

2) How does Natasha come to identify with Yu-i?  What is the main difference in their crises of identity and how do each of them come to a reconciliation with their heritage and their place in society?

3) With whom do you have more sympathy, Yu-i or Hsu Chih-mo?  Give solid reasons to back up your answer and state clearly not only why you sympathize with one, but why you don't sympathize with the other.

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