Examination over Love in the Time of Cholera

Use complete sentences to answer each question and provide specific examples to support your points.

Objective Short Answer: 50%

  1. What is the relationship of cholera to love?



  1. What are the circumstances surrounding Dr. Juvenal Urbino’s death? How does he die?



  3. How is there a love triangle formed between Florentino Ariza, Fermina Daza, and Dr. Juvenal Urbino?



  5. How is Florentino Ariza able to justify his perception that he is remaining true to Fermina Daza in spite of all his loves?



  7. How is the marriage between Fermina Daza and Dr. Juvenal Urbino characterized at first? as the years progress?



  9. Describe the nature of the relationship Florentino Ariza has with Leona Cassiani? How is it unique to his other loves?



  11. What is the significance of the relationship Florentino Ariza has with America Vicuna?



  13. What are some of the primary obstacles faced by Florentino Ariza and the Widow Urbino when the two finally come to terms with their love for one another?


  15. How had the written word initially characterized the relationship between Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza? a half-century later?



  17. . In what way do Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza come to spend "forever" together?




Subjective Essay: 50% Answer two of the following three questions in essay format.


  1. Who would have been a better husband for Fermina Daza: Florentino Ariza or Dr. Juvenal Urbino? Justify your answer.
  2. What is magical realism? What is it about the text that establishes this genre? Give examples to support your answer.
  3. What is the symbolism inherent within the text? How does Marquez use symbolism to develop his theme of requited love?

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