Examination over The Dark Child
Use complete sentences to answer each question and provide specific examples to support your points.

Objective Short Answer: 50%

1) What is the purpose of a totem?  Give two examples of totems from the text.

2) What is a sayon, how does he get his power, and what can his power achieve?

3) What was the problem with Laye's clothes in Tindican?

4) What relationship existed between the younger boys and the older boys at the school prior to the intercession of Laye's father?

5) Why is Laye embarrassed by his second mother carrying a pen and a note pad as the sign of his class?

6) What is the purpose of the night of Konden Diara? of the rite of circumcision?

7) Describe the nature of polygamy as it relates to the relationships between the wives of Uncle Mamadou and the wives of Camara.

8) What are the two gifts given to Laye by his parents before he departs for Conakry?   What were they for?

9) What are Laye's feelings about attending a trade school?  Why?

10) What is the cause of Laye's distress in going to France to study?

Subjective Essay: 50%
Choose any two of the following and answer in essay format.

1) Does Laye experience an identity crisis in reconciling the traditions of the Malinke with the French influence, the vocation of a laborer with the life of a student, or the existence of a city dweller with his rural counterparts?  If so, does he resolve this crisis?  If not, how does he reconcile these conflicts with his own development as a man?  Use examples from the text to support your answer.

2) What is the role of fate in the novel?  Is that the main theme of conflict?   Why or why not?  Use examples from the text.

3) Is there a conflict in the way the Malinke reconcile their animistic beliefs with their Islamic faith?

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