Final Examination: Non-Western Literature

What has been the impact of the West on non-Western Literature?

To answer this question comprehensively, consider the following:

  1. What were the three types of European territorial occupation studied?
  2. How did French and British interests shape the economic development of the countries studied?
  3. In what way was a collaborative elite formed and what was the significance of their adopting European dress and customs?
  4. How did this lead to a cultural exchange between Europe and the occupied territories?
  5. What resulted from this cultural exchange that was manifest in the educational processes adopted within these countries?
  6. How did this affect the artistic expression of the host country nationals?
  7. What is the significance of the conflict of cultures that runs throughout each work?
  8. Does this conflict result in an identity crisis between the writer/character and the changing world in which he or she lives?
  9. Inevitably, how does the writer’s/character’s identification with the West tend to undermine the traditional culture out of which he or she comes?
  10. Is there a reconciliation with Western values that each country seems to have experienced?
  11. Is this good or bad for the country undergoing the metamorphosis? For the character/writer himself? How so?

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