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Education and Technology Project

Journal 13

Flowers for Algernon Test

Robert Benedict's Book Report

Julie Barber's Book Report

Choose one article from each of the following subheadings within the book The Writer’s Workplace with Readings as listed below, and submit, on the dates assigned, a one-page, typed, double-spaced analysis of whichever article you have chosen.  These will be due every Friday by midnight.  

The format in which you will write these journals is:

I. Introduce the author and the title
II. Briefly summarize one aspect of the article as it relates to the genre discussed in the chapter
III. Analyze that aspect in regards to how it relates to the point the author is trying to make--i. e. your personal opinion of its relevance to the article and of your ability to understand it.
IV. Explain the effect the issue addressed in the article has on society.

1) Friday, 18 August—"What is the most interesting thing I have ever done and why?"

2) Friday, 25 August—Narration— "The Fourth of July" (406), "Summer Reading" (471), "My Daughter Smokes" (473), or "The Paterson Public Library" (476)

3) Friday, 1 September— Example and Illustration—"AIDS: An Epidemic of Fear" (396), "Sleepless in El Paso" (479), or "Talking to People" (481)

4) Friday, 8 September--"Section One"—Flowers for Algernon, pp. 1-53.

5) Friday, 15 September— Process—"How to Short-Cook Vegetables" (416) or "How to try to wash a Dog" (483)

6) Friday, 22 September—Comparison/Contrast—"The Computer and the Brain" (426), "Neat People vs. Sloppy People" (485), or "Columbus and the Moon" (487)

7) Friday, 29 September—Cause and Effect—"A Profile of Rosa Parks" (355), "Goodbye, Mom’s Apple Pie" (390), or "Requiem for a Champ" (489)

8) Friday, 6 October—"Section Two" Flowers for Algernon, pp. 54-115.

9) Friday, 13 October—Definition and Analysis— "Ethmix!" (492)

10) Friday, 20 October—Classification— "Friends, Good Friends—and Such Good Friends" (497) or "The Changing American Family" (500)

11) Friday, 27 October—Argumentation and Persuasion—"It’s Time We Helped Patients Die" (437), "Affirmative Action in the Workplace" (441), "Where Have All the Fathers Gone" (446), "The Internet? Bah!" (504), "The Issue isn’t Sex, It’s Violence"(506)

12) Friday, 3 November—"Section Three" Flowers for Algernon, pp. 116-154.

13) Friday, 10 November— "A Word’s Meaning" by Gloria Naylor--HANDOUT

14) Friday, 17 November—"Section Four" Flowers for Algernon, pp. 154-216.

15) Friday, 8 December— "What grade I should receive in this class and why. What was the most beneficial aspect about this course? The least?"