SCCCC Developmental Writing I 095
Course Calendar
Spring 2000

(This is a tentative schedule of study and may change depending on the needs of the students.)

Week One: Tuesday, 18 January—Introduction to course, pass out syllabus, ask each student to identify himself and state one interesting thing about his life—Diagnostic essay J1 "What is the most interesting thing I have ever done and why?"

Work through Ch. 1 in class, do ex. 1-3

Tour of Writing Center, online resources, and my web.

Assignment: Journal 2—Read Exemplification Ch. 3 (39-44), write a journal over one of the  Exemplification Essays. Read Ch. 14—138-44. Read through Ch. 15 and do all the exercises—Writing Simple Sentences 197-205. Read Ch. 28 and do all the exercises—Nouns and pronouns—364-74.

                    Week Two: Tuesday, 25 January—Discuss Ch. 2, 15 and 28.

                    Discuss Ch. 15 197-205. Do in-class exercises.

                    Work through Ch. 3 in class, do ex. 3-3.

                    Discuss and collect journal Exemplification.

Assignment: J3—Chs. 1-4 Preacher (1-46). Read through Ch. 16 and do all the exercises—Writing Compound Sentences (206-17). Read Ch. 28 and do all the exercises—Nouns and pronouns—375-87.

Week Three: Tuesday, 1 February—Discuss Ch. 16—206-17. Ch. 28.  Catch up on discussion about verbs--linking, action, and helping.

Submit J3—Chs. 1-4—Preacher, pp. 1-46.

Assignment: J4—Read Narration Ch. 4 (45-50), write a journal over one of the narrative essays. Read Ch. 14—144-50. Read Ch. 17 and do all the exercises—Writing Complex Sentences (218-228). Read Ch. 23 and do all the exercises—Subject/verb agreement (297-310)

Week Four: Tuesday, 8 February—Discuss Ch. 17. Discuss Ch. 23.

Submit J4— Narration.  Type narrative paragraph 4-3.

Assignment: J5—Read Description Ch. 5 (51-57), write a journal over one of the descriptive essays. Read Ch. 14—150-6. Read Ch. 26 and do all the exercises— Verb: Past Tense. Read through Ch. 31 and do all the exercises—Using Commas—421-34.

Week Five: Tuesday, 15 February—Discuss Ch. 18. Discuss Ch. 31.

Submit J5—Description.  Examination One.

Assignment: J6—Read Process Ch. 6 (58-64) , write a journal over one of the process essays. Read Ch. 14—156-62. Read Ch. 21 and do all the exercises—Recognizing run-ons and comma splices (273-281). Read through Ch. 27 and do all the exercises—Verbs: Past Participles (350-63).

Week Six: Tuesday, 22 February—Discuss Ch. 21 & Ch. 27.

Submit J6— Process.  Type process paragraph 6-3.

Assignment: J7—Chs. 5-9--Preacher, pp. (47-99). Read Ch. 22 and do all the exercises—Fragments (282-96).

Week Seven: Tuesday, 29 February—Discuss Ch. 22.

Submit J7—Preacher Chs. 5-9.

Assignment: J8—Read Cause and Effect Ch. 7 (65-71) , write a journal over one of the cause and effect essays. Read Ch. 14—162-168. Read Ch. 24 and do all the exercises—Illogical verb tense shifts (311-23). Read through and do all the exercises for Ch. 33—Understanding Mechanics—(444-57)

Tuesday, 7 March—SPRING BREAK

Week 8: Tuesday, 14 March—Discuss Ch. 33.

Submit J8—Cause and Effect. Type Process 7-4.

Assignment: J9—Read Comparison and Contrast Ch. 8 (72-79) , write a journal over one of the comparison and contrast essays. Read Ch. 14—168-173. Read Ch. 34—Understanding Spelling (458-78).

Week 9: Tuesday, 21 March—Discuss Ch. 24.

Submit J9— Comparison and Contrast.

Assignment: J10— Chs. 10-15: Preacher (100-48). Read Ch. 25—Dangling and misplaced modifiers (324-35). Read through Ch. 29 and do all the exercises—Adjectives and Adverbs (388-99).

Week 10: Tuesday, 28 March—Discuss Ch. 25.

Submit J10—Chs. 10-15, Preacher, (100-48)

Assignment: J11—Read Classification Ch. 9 (80-85), write a journal over one of the classification essays. Think of a business or corporation that interests you and be prepared to discuss it next week. Read Ch. 12 (103-13) for discussion next week. Read Ch. 14—174-9.

Week 11: Tuesday, 4 April—Discuss Ch. 12 in class—Writing an Essay—Start Corporate Business Project. Gather research materials.

Submit J11—Classification.  Examination Two--elements of grammar.

Assignment: J12—Read Definition Ch. 10 (86-92), write a journal over one of the definition essays. Read Ch. 12 (113-26) for discussion next week. Read Ch. 14—Patterns of Essay Development (180-5).

Week 12: Tuesday, 11 April—Discuss Ch. 28.

Discuss Ch. 12. Organize and format the paper in class.

Submit: J12—Definition.

Assignment: J13—Chs. 16-21, Preacher (149-99). Read Ch. 13—127-37.

Week 13: Tuesday, 18 April—Discuss Ch. 13. Write the intro and conclusion in class.

Submit J13—Discuss and collect Preacher.

Assignment: J14—Read Argument Ch. 11 (93-99), write a journal over one of the argument essays, Read Ch. 14 (185-93). Read Appendix A 479-85.

Week 14: Tuesday, 25 April—Peer review the intro and conclusion. Draft the body paragraphs.

Submit J14—Argument.

Assignment: Read Appendix B—486-505. Finish drafting and submit your paragraphs.

Week 15: Tuesday, 2 May—Peer review the body paragraphs. Final revisions due by Saturday noon.

Assignment: J15—Write final journal…Why I should pass into Dev/Writ II. What was the most beneficial thing about this course? the least?

Week 16: Tuesday, May 9—Movie. You’ll receive your evaluations for the course.

End of the Semester J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J J

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